About Beth

Welcome, friends! You are amongst great company here and I am all about being yourself so feel free to let your freak flag fly! #hotmesspartyofone

My name is Beth, and I am the healthy hot mess. My journey is a crazy one, and even I’m not sure where this ship is landing on a daily basis, but I am hoping there are others out there like me who can relate.

I describe myself currently as an extroverted introvert who loves God, meeting new people, sharing healthy recipes (while sometimes indulging in food that’s NOT so healthy…insert guilty face), a good belly laugh, premium cups of coffee, clean makeup, good pranks, all things Disney, and times spent reflecting with others about life’s crazy curve balls that get thrown at us every day.

One of my absolute favorite past times is diving head-first into a giant pool of nostalgia. I’m a late ’80s – early ’90s kid, so I’m in love with GOOD cartoons, sitcoms (as well as the RIDICULOUS commercials that used to air during them), Pop music one-hit-wonders, snap bracelets, skating rinks, and all other fun memories from the last 30 years. You’ll likely see me reference old-school shows, quotes, etc. through out my posts.

I’m a huge movie and music buff. I love to laugh, so comedies are my jam (New Girl, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Broad City, Bobs Burgers… the list goes on people). Music-wise, I listen to everything, so I’m sure we can connect on some level there (do you like to sing everything really loudly, even if you don’t know all the words? Yeah?! Me too!). Oh, and…I… Love….. Dogs……

Married? Kids? Married… yes…to the one and only man who will put up with this hot mess, Doug.  Kids? My child is covered in fur from head to toe. Her name is Tango and she knows she’s spoiled, but I let it happen. She has a TON of personality. You’ll be seeing a lot of her.

What Drove Me to Create The Healthy Hot Mess?

My not-so-healthy hot mess, to full-blown healthy hot mess journey started back in 2010, and the more I learn, the more I love to share. I’m here to reveal the good, the bad, and the ugly of a goofy woman who’s been a “Size 12-14” since 8th Grade, but is determined no matter her size, to be the healthiest that she can be. The cool part? We’re all walking this walk together, so hold on tight!

One of my passions in life is meeting new people, learning their stories, and walking through life with them. We’re all a part of this crazy world, and we need each other to get through all the INSANITY thrown our way, day-after-day.

If you want to chat or comment on any of these posts, blogs, recipes, memes, what have you, do it! I won’t bite…well….maybe just a little, but I promise you’ll only need small band aid. I understand we live in a very tense world, but my goal is to keep the positivity HIGH, and the negativity to a minimum. We all need something positive today!  Thanks again for reading all of this, and if nobody has told you lately, you are loved, and pretty dang cool, in my book.

PS. I like to use terms from the ’90s that are out of style, cause…nostalgia, remember? I shall not be apologizing for it. #BombDotCom… there I said it.



You can contact Beth here: beth@thehealthyhotmess.com